Smart Work Organisation and Team Planning.

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  • Just work smarter than anyone else.

    How do you organize work? How do you make sure the right person in your team get the tasks she is specialized for? How do you identify what's most important right now?

    Resourcecloud can help you to achieve more with your team!


    Carsten Wellner

    DevOps Engineer, Developer

    «Resourcecloud helped us to gain back control over our work! It's like magic! Our customers are happy! Great tool

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The first AI driven task and project management tool – Wow!

It's not only another tool but a system to organize workflows. That is efficiency in code form. You have development tasks? And operations? And trouble tickets? No problem: Resourcecloud can handle that for you and make complex dependencies easy, without the need for a cluttered interface! Easy to use, because you need to focus on whats really important: your customers!

  • All in one Place

    Keep track of everything that consumes time from your team. Resourcecloud helps you to decide what's importand and whats not.

  • Smart Interface

    All complexity is hidden under an easy to use and beautiful interface.

  • Blazing Fast

    Modern technology enables blazing fast performance, no matter if you have 10 tasks in your system or 10 million!

  • Much smarter than everything else...

    Manage everything in one place. It makes no sense to use different tools for changes and incidents, because you have only one time budget per user.

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      Keep track of customer change request or internal ones. What customer needed most attention?

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      Solutions & Services

      Automatically book every task to different solutions or services and generate reports on where your people worked on.

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      Automate repetetive tasks or workflows so you can focus on what really needs attention.

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      Keep track of programs and projects. Are you still in time and budget?

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How does it feel..?

Fully responsive: You can use Resourcecloud even on your smartphone. What a beautiful interface!

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Why Resourcecloud ?

All other tools on the market are based on twenty year old concepts and codebase. The world has changed! Mobile Office, DevOps, Quick response, modern devices - all has changed. It became clear we need a more modern aproach in modern times.

  • Responsive Design

    You can use Resourcecloud on a phone as well as on a 43 inch screen. The interface will adapt. No matter where you are or what device you have. It always looks beautiful.

  • Blazing Fast Interface

    Dont't wait for your application. It needs to be fun to work with your tools!

  • For. All. Of. You!

    It doesn't matter if you are a developer or an architect, an engineer or a consultant: Resourcecloud will help you to become more efficient!

  • The Big Picture

    When your project tool does not know if your teammates are in vacation, how can you seriously plan your sprints?

  • Reporting

    Smart Reports directly show you where you can optimize workflows. Do you spend your time on the most important things?

  • Scrum, Kanban, Agile

    You can be member of several virtual teams, that can be organized completely different. Resourcecloud takes care that everything fits.

  • AI Driven Prioritizing

    Resourcecloud learns what works for you. It gives you strong hints on whats important right now.

  • Gamification

    Resourcecloud can help you to have more fun during work. Who has solved the most important tasks this month?

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