• Tour

    This tour will show some of the unique features of Resourcecloud.

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  • Tasks

    Everything that consumes time is a task. Even vacation or incidents. Resourcecloud will only present the tasks to you that are relevant for you or your team.

  • Incident Console

    All incidents a grouped in the incident console. You just see the incidents that are relevant to you or your teams, so you are not bothered with stuff thats not interesiting for you.

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  • Task Attributes

    Every task has several attributes. Like the planned week, the customer, the solution, or a value that determines the importance of this task.

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  • Focus

    Your personal overview shows everything that needs to be done now, this week or anytime. So you never loose focus on whats needs to be done first.

  • Presentation

    Tasks can be presented in different ways, just as you currently need it. If you need a Kanban Board or tables - it's all right there.

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  • Task Importance

    An AI constantly measures the value a task. When for instance a task has been forked several times, many teams are waiting for completion. Then this task blocks lots of other teams and this task ist considered more important. This is only one of many charasteristics the system takes into account. The best thing is: You don't need to know about this. Resourcecloud simply takes care of this for you!

  • Reports

    Resourcecloud generates just the right reports for you to see if everything is well in your company. It focuses on Flow efficiency rather than resource efficiency. See this video to learn the difference!

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